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Current Needs


1.     We need a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the outreach areas.

2.     We need evangelistic equipment such as horn speakers, amplifiers, microphone, film projectors, video camera, electric generator and tent for village evangelism, Musical / Sound systems.

3.     Soul-winning tools /tracts, Christian literature and Holy Bibles.

4.     Regular funds to continue the allowances of the evangelistic team / staff.


Goals for 2007-2012


1.     To develop an interdenominational Christian prayer camp center; where Christians will come and relax to pray daily without disturbances. Where prayer camp meetings and retreats will take place monthly.

2.     To have a computer center that will offer training and job to harlots and street boys who are won for the Lord.

3.     To build an evangelistic center in Faisalabad that will comprise 5 thousand sitter auditorium, office complex, guest house, printing press and Christian bookshop.

4.  We want to establish 5 more churches in the Province of Punjab.

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