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                          Pastor Samson Daniel says I am serving Jesus Christ since 1985. I was born in 1958 in toba take singh city of Punjab Pakistan & Jesus touched me for his Glory in my teenage. I learned basic Christian faith in my family my father was pastor too. After the Completion of  my biblical education I joined full time  an evangelistic mission  in 1985 where I learnt more and more about all the tits and bits of the evangelistic ministry field and also learnt about the cross culture ministry and working in team unity.

 God have blessed me with a good wife her name is Mrs. Ester Samson she is very good house wife and great lady and taking stand with me in all the ups and downs in the life she stood with me in the faith when disasters do come when I became weak she strengthened me she is very goods partner in my life, ministry, suffering and happiness. God have also blessed us with four children. Two sons and two girl’s .We gave them Christian basic teaching they have grown up in the Christian atmosphere. My older daughter is married now other are studying and also working with us in the ministry   and holding different responsibilities.

           We are committed to God, to Live Holy Lives and not to Compromise

the Truth  of  the  word of God.  We are committed  to  brotherliness, to  love

one another as Christ Loved us. We are committed to the great commission

to go, Preach, win souls and train them to serve before the Lord comes back.

The whole world is our PARISH.


           Grace of God Ministries is an evangelistic ministry with the commission

to reach out to the lost in the streets, market places, parks, homes etc with the Gospel of Christ. This way, we hope to reach out to those who neither come to church nor to the crusade grounds.  We reach the  sinners where they are with

the Gospel


          Grace of God Ministries also conducts mass crusades in quarter’s

Towns and  villages  for the  salvation  of  souls.  The  ministry  conducts

Evangelistic  training and  workshops to enable  Christians to evangelize effectively.

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